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Thousands of jobs for West Australians with PM’s new plan

June 15, 2020

Today Prime Minister Scott Morrison will unveil his WA plan to generate multiple infrastructure projects which will create thousands of West Australian jobs through major road, rail and iron ore projects, outlining his key priority of, “getting people back into jobs.”

The Government anticipates 66,000 jobs will be created by the national infrastructure push as well as hundreds of millions of dollars being pumped into WA via a new $1.5 billion funding package for small projects. One billion will be reserved for priority projects which are ready to begin and $500 million allocated for road safety works.

“As we come out of the COVID crisis, infrastructure can give us the edge that many countries don’t have,” said Mr Morrison.

This content is extracted from the article ‘Prime Minister Scott Morrison to unveil infrastructure plan to generate thousands of West Australian jobs at CEDA’s State of the Nation Conference’ by Lanai Scarr | The West Australian | Sunday 14th June 2020.