Welcome to Griffin Projects Group

When it comes to quality, integrity and reliability, we are recognised as one of Perth’s premier specialists across the property and equity industries.

With an established track record of proven industry success and a dedicated team of proficient professionals, our proudly West Australian-owned company specialises in capital development, project management and promotional services for residents, investors and commercial businesses.

At the Forefront

Griffin Projects Group stands at the forefront of the property industry due to our diverse range of services and expertise. Our team of dedicated professionals can integrate into each stage of a project, providing unrivalled value to our clients, partners and investors.

Behind the scenes

With the backing and solid foundation of our elite partners, investors and self-managed super funds, as well as support within the banking sector, our clients benefit from our wide network of professionals who know what it takes to negotiate, conceptualise, design and implement projects which bring value and quality to the Perth property market.



To improve, bolster and rejuvenate property standards throughout Perth by introducing quality, affordable and community-minded property projects to buyers, investors and business within the metropolitan area.


To establish the company’s presence as one of Perth’s elite project management specialists within the property sector, helping countless residents, investors and businesses find suitable, comfortable and profitable dwellings and premises.


We align our operations with an established network of exceptional organisations who help us provide premium support and value to our clients. All partners play a key role in ensuring that each of our projects have the technical knowledge, experience and precision required to deliver a level of quality that Griffin Projects Group is known for.