Why Griffin

Our values

With a common set of shared values throughout our company culture, we ensure our team are consistently delivering the level of quality that our clients have come to expect. With a common set of inner-office values, we are able to deliver exceptionally high levels of customer service throughout each of our projects, with our clients always being at the forefront of our priority in everything we do.

We believe in…

  • delivering integrity and transparency across every stage of the project
  • unprecedented professionalism when dealing with clients, suppliers and partners
  • determined commitment to delivering the highest quality projects
  • passion and drive to improve overall quality within Perth’s property market
  • a dynamic and robust approach to remaining at the forefront of our industry.

Our pursuit of perfection

We are all about building relationships with partners, clients, investors and suppliers to work towards a common goal of delivering quality property projects throughout Perth, Western Australia. We invest the time to ensure that each project is delivered perfectly, within budget and on time whilst ensuring clear communication throughout each step of the process.


The right team for the job

Our in-house team of property experts give us the edge within our highly competitive industry. Having access to an array of expertise and experience means we are always able to integrate to each step of the process.

Foundations of support

Thanks to our elite partnerships and established network of sound investors, property buyers and investors can rest assured that our projects are fully funded prior to commencement, to ensure that no lots are left vacant for years whilst seeking investment. We aim to move swiftly once approvals are in place, meaning buyers and investors can see their dream properties come to life without any delays.