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Top 10 reasons why Adelaide will emerge strong from COVID-19 shutdowns.

May 26, 2020

Among the capital cities, Adelaide’s property market is well placed to emerge from the shutdown with prospects of growth, for the 10 reasons below:

  1. Before COVID-19 Adelaide was one of the leading capital city markets in the nation with the best prospects for growth.
  2. Adelaide outranked Melbourne and Sydney for the number of suburbs with rising sales activity.
  3. Adelaide is one of the nation’s most consistent property markets.
  4. Adelaide had a very low rental vacancy rate heading into the shutdown period.
  5. Even with the recent influx of new properties seeking tenants, its vacancy rate is still just 1.2%.
  6. The city’s economy is in a strong position to recover well from the shutdown period.
  7. Adelaide is the high-tech innovation capital of Australia with South Australia leading the nation in alternative energy.
  8. Adelaide is well placed to benefit from the likely revival of manufacturing resulting from the virus crisis.
  9. Adelaide has strong educational and medical sectors.
  10. The Adelaide state government is spending significant amounts on infrastructure with plans to fast-track “shovel- ready” projects to lead the economic recovery.

This content is extracted from Property Observer | Adelaide property market to emerge strong from COVID-19 shutdown | by Terry Ryder |18 May 2020| Click here to read the full article.