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March 17, 2021

Boutique Apartments and townhouses are a growing trend in Perth, on the east of Australia, and abroad. The word ‘boutique’ is thrown around quite a lot these days, it’s likely that you’ve seen the terminology in your search. This may have left you wondering, what is defined as boutique when it comes to apartment developments?

A boutique apartment can simply be defined as a small, unique and luxurious space, however the size, look and feel of luxury are customisable during development and are ultimately in the eye of the beholder.

This article explores what features define an apartment development as boutique, their origins, and how to select your premium boutique property.

Where did boutique apartments come from?

The term ‘boutique’ was first coined in the 80’s, when certain unique hotels in New York, Paris & London were openly compared to visiting boutique retail shops. Hotels with unique style, design and personality began to gain recognition from then and created a trend that has developed over the decades.

Other industries adopted the term with examples of boutique agencies, salons, law firms, and finance companies, common place seemingly wherever we look.

In property, the original concept has extended from short-term hotel accommodation to boutique apartment living and real homes for those seeking premium property and lifestyle. Boutique apartments are typically known as buildings with a number of distinct rooms or units, but there’s much more involved and on offer than just that.

What defines boutique?

Boutique apartments are small, unique, and luxurious spaces available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and dependant on the development plan, can range from a one to three-bedroom apartment.

When seeking a boutique apartment, the architectural and interior design within each apartment should be efficient, to reflect a perception of space and contain an abundance of natural light.

The luxury is expressed across the apartment with opportunities during a development’s build to customise with options presented by the developer. It is the customisation that makes an apartment unique, but it is the format and styling that makes it truly boutique.

Loft Haus Leederville, Griffin Projects

Key boutique characteristics

An apartment development will not necessarily be identifiable as boutique from the exterior, albeit likely to be an architecturally stunning building. As you enter the building, particularly the apartments themselves, there are some key identifiable characteristics of a specifically boutique apartment development in today’s market and they are defined below.

Modern Design

Most boutique apartments make clever use of their interiors and exteriors to set themselves apart from standard apartment developments. In addition to the layout, the workmanship, cabinetry and finishes within the apartment deliver a high level of sophistication and luxury.

Purchasing a boutique apartment off-the-plan or whilst still under development, construction or fit-out, usually affords the buyer a range of customisability for personal touches along the lines of choosing colour schemes and available apartment features.


Typically nestled in high density and in-demand suburbs, a significant selling point for boutique apartments is the lifestyle and local facilities that are immediately accessible. Compared to outer suburb living, boutique apartment living is sought after for location to paid work and access to an enriched lifestyle, being it for fitness or social means.

In addition, elevated living often means stunning views from the apartment and even shared spaces. See some great examples of prime Perth locations might include Northbridge, Como, Leederville, and Scarborough where you can find some current Griffin developments.

Quality construction

Boutique apartment developers will often partner with industry leading building companies and architects to leverage a quality build to buyers but also the assurance that the building will be a solid investment for the long term.

If you are in the market for a boutique apartment, ensure that this is a key consideration.

abode como outdoor living elevation

Abode Como, Griffin Projects

Common Misconceptions about Boutique Living

At times, boutique apartments can be assumed as being either small or expensive.

Being small is a misconception often attached to apartment living in general which is completely dependent on the apartment layout and the format or number of rooms. Boutique apartments differ from apartments in the way they are designed, based on whether they have had architect and interior designer input to create an efficient and spacious feel, with luxurious touches.

Being boutique is not synonymous with being expensive, but it understandably gives that impression. It’s the uniqueness, finishes, and location that make the difference, with the apartments typically being priced competitively for their areas.

Parkview Como, Griffin Projects

Find the right boutique apartment in Perth

If location, quality, design and community are important to you, then you are well suited to living in one of our premium Griffin developments. With a range of developments available, we can match you to a new home that provides you with an outstanding and convenient lifestyle.

To find out more about the incredible range of boutique apartments on offer get in touch with the team at Griffin today.