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August 21, 2020

The WA mining industry’s success in trading continuously through the coronavirus pandemic could give WA a market advantage by enhancing its reputation as a reliable and safe supplier according to WA mining boss, Chris Ellison.

“As long as we follow their advice and continue doing what we are doing, I think WA is going to be very strong going forward, and sadly a lot of other areas across the world will not be. That can be a market advantage for us.”

 The virus has been kept out of the States resources projects, safeguarding jobs, profits and the State’s lucrative royalty stream due to the government’s closure of the WA borders, rigid testing, isolation and social distancing measures enforced by the industry itself.

Having revealed a record $1 billion profit by MinRes, Mr Ellison commented that the group was hopeful to receive the Government’s approval this year to develop new loading berths at South West Creek in Port Hedland, with the hopes to double its iron ore exports to about 40m tonnes.

“The opportunity to get more ore into the market has a finite time, I believe, and we need to be starting on these projects this calendar year” said Mr Ellison.

This is a brief summary of the article ‘A billion reasons why WA is ahead of the virus’ by Sean Smith | The West Australian | Thursday 20th August.