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August 28, 2020

WA has recently been viewed as a drag on the ‘national interest’ of Australia due to the state’s hard borders. However, it is thanks to these ‘hard’ borders that WA has assisted our national economy to be better positioned than anticipated in March when the pandemic initially hit with full force.

WA has continued to prosper through COVID-19 keeping the national interest of Australia afloat thanks to the strength of the state’s economy. During these uncertain times WA was the only state to see growth in retail activity over the June quarter.

Importantly for the Federation, the state’s hard borders also meant that the mining sector was able to continue doing what it does, driving the national export agenda, as every state in Australia benefits from our un-interruption of our mining sector.

If it was not for the WA people, Mark McGowan and our hard border, then WA would not have been able to keep the mining sector pumping money into the treasuries of Australia.

This is a brief summary of the article ‘Eastern States should thank WA for keeping national economy strong’ by Ben Wyatt | The West Australian | Monday 24th August.