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WA economy back on track

February 3, 2020

Premier, Mark McGowan believes WA is “on the cusp of great economic activity”. The state has entered into a new era of investment in the resources sector with iron ore and lithium projects leading the charge. There is also several LNG projects worth multiple billions of dollars which are also on the verge of going ahead.

Mark McGowan has modelled his leadership style on Bob Hawke by building strong relationships with the business community to help drive the economy into the black.

The State Government is prioritising the health of the economy by targeting initiatives to create jobs and progressing the long awaited Metronet project.

Reflecting on the government’s achievements to date, Mark McGowan commented that “what we got is the economy out of recession, we got growth back, we got great trade figures, we got business confidence at the highest level in five years or so and we’ve got the third lowest unemployment rate in the country, the highest participation rate and the highest income per capita of anywhere in Australia.”

This is a summary of the article ‘More jobs McGowan’s labour of love’ by Peter Law | Published in The West Australian | Monday, January 20, 2020 | Page 8.