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Scarborough Beach to get Australia’s first ever trackless tram

March 17, 2020

Sensational news for Perth as Australia’s first ever trackless trams are set to hit Scarborough Beach.

This proposed $97 million dollar project will see the silent, trackless trams, capable of carrying hundreds of passengers, run from Glendalough station along Scarborough Beach Road passing by the Innaloo shops, through Doubleview and down to Scarborough Beach.

If the Commonwealth approves funding, the project could commence as early as this year. “We’re the only government who’s got planning in place to achieve trackless trams down a corridor,” said City of Stirling Mayor, Mark Irwin.

This project has the full support of the WA’s Planning and Transport Minister, Rita Saffioti who commented we welcome their initiative and their approach to the federal government and its very much what we would like to see in the future.”

The Griffin team are very excited to see projects like this and the recently completed $100 million revitalisation of the Scarborough foreshore. They add immense value to the suburb, the lifestyle and to our project, The Residence, which is nestled on Scarborough beach road and commenced construction phase last week.

For more information on this development contact our sales agent Mark Hay on 0418 953 742 or [email protected]

This is a summary of the article ‘Trackless trams proposed for Perth to get passengers to Scarborough beach from Glendalough Station’ by Syan Dougherty | published in The West Australian | Wednesday, 11th March 2020.