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September News Highlights

October 11, 2018

Swan river deck

A river deck alongside Elizabeth Quay has been proposed by a collaboration of local developers as an opportunity to embrace one of Perth’s most natural resources, the Swan River. The proposal offers a contemporary method of celebrating and interacting with the water body, in the design of a filtered-water lagoon connecting to the Swan River.

The River Deck would consist of multiple water pools, a dry ‘sand-bar’ area and an ecological ‘habitat’ with indoor events and exhibition rooms. The deck also has a unique viewing point to see the city and Swan River.

Western Australia’s cultural and functional history has been the ideological inspiration for the team of developers, as the Indigenous heritage through to European settlement has embraced the river in dynamic ways. It is proposed the river won’t only be a place to swim, but also a place to socialize through events and performances.

Developers have gained endorsements and feedback from various local authorities such as the WA Minister for Environment, indigenous businesses and local communities, Tourism WA, and the wider Perth community.

The public can submit suggestions and feedback to the website


WA recovers from a four-year recession

The WA economy has finally returned to stability after the end of the mining boom caused a four-year recession.

The economies positive shifts have been confirmed from evidence of the State’s growing business investments and government infrastructure spendings, confirmed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics who released figures of annual growth being the highest since 2013 at 1.3 per cent.

Billions of dollars and thousands of jobs went astray to West Australians throughout the past four years, so the recovery of the economy has been “unambiguously good news” according to Premier Mark McGowan.

Public investment statistics also noted a June quarter increase of 2.8 per cent due to the State Government pursing a capital works program centered on transport.

One of the state’s foremost economists, John Nicolaou, said to see the domestic economy grow again is a very significant sign.


WA’s iron ore wages boom

Following the closure of WA’s four-year recession, WA miners are struggling to find construction workers in the iron ore industry, resulting in a wages boom through the whole iron ore sector.

Analysts reported wages in the Pilbara have risen by 35 per cent in 12 months, according to an analysis of jobs advertised on Seek. Pilbara wages are currently averaging $136,000 a year; resembling pay rates during the mining boom in 2012.

Average salaries online have surged after a six-year low, supporting mining company’s plans to expand operations, and replace old with new mines.

NAB economics director David de Garis advised there would be difficulty attracting staff due to experienced miners securing projects and positions in the Eastern States. Industry sources reported criticism in the West due to the previous downturn entailing mass sackings and complaints that big miners failed to plan for the future of the workforce.

BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and Fortescue Metals Group have indicated funding will be injected into ensure the future of their operations totaling $25.5 billion.