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Get to know our Project Manager

November 8, 2018


Introducing Brett Garret!

With years of experience in project management under his belt, Brett Garret is the steadying influence guiding each Griffin development to fruition. Without his leadership and knowledge, our projects would never make it past infancy. Supervising every step from planning through construction to final hand over, he always manages to do so with a cheerful smile and a terrible joke or two. We sat down recently for a little Q&A with Brett to get to know him better.

What exactly does your role as Project Manager role entail at Griffin? 

To manage all aspects of each project from the initial scoping through to delivering the end product. This involves project feasibilities, coordinating Development Approvals, design detailing, issue and award tenders, project superintendent during construction and closing out the jobs after the defect’s liability period.

What do like most about your role? 

Delivering the end product and receiving positive feedback from the Clients.

What 3 items at work could you not live without? 

1) My computer

2) Mobile phone

3) “The Team”

The most invaluable lesson you’ve learned so far in life is …. 

Be humble and respect others

What would you be doing if you weren’t a project manager? 

Traveling, I just returned from a lengthy trip to Europe staying in France, Croatia, Italy and Spain. I’m still there in spirit.

Tell us something not many people know about you? 

I’m younger than Greg (Brett says with a big smile)

The greatest movie of all time?

Monty Python Life of Brian