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PERTH | the perfect playground for Singaporeans

December 9, 2019

Perth’s tourism sector has increased by 3% from the previous year in which tourists collectively spent approximately $2.2 billion. The WA government and private sector plan to use tourism to generate more jobs and further diversify our economy.

Perth’s Hashtag Perth Project Committee are working to enhance Perth as a destination to visit, work, live, invest and study. To do this Perth promoters needs to better leverage the many trade, business, education and personal connections to Singapore.

Proximity to Singapore makes Perth the perfect playground for Singapore’s 5.8 million residents who see Perth as a desirable destination due to the abundance of natural beauty with an enjoyable dry climate, clear blue skies and clean air.

To further promote our great city and evoke curiosity we need to tell “our story” and build awareness of all our great offerings including a diverse selection of locally grown premium food and wine, top quality educational institutions and our stunning natural landscapes which will draw in potential tourist types including foodies, shoppers, nature lovers and golfers.

Griffin Projects Group have strong relationships with investors residing in Singapore and we travel regularly to Singapore for business ventures and events. If you are interested in buying in Perth or learn more about the 11 projects we have available information, then contact our Client Liaison Christian Woodall at [email protected].au

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