Leederville is set to say hello to a new “pub of the future” as the well-known Leederville Hotel complex housing the Blue Flamingo bar closes its doors for a major transformation with its beloved neighbouring and restaurants receiving makeovers as part of the upgrade.

The Blue Flamingo and surrounding area will transform into a larger family-friendly “pub of the future”. The submission for a $3 million upgrade creating a European-style piazza with a “beer garden style” spanning two levels will come complete with a children’s play, upstairs dining area, a new restaurant and retail shops.

“The goal is to create the pub of the future offering multiple spaces with differentiation and interconnection. It will have a family-friendly component with provisions for both day and night trade.” said developer Adrian Fini, owner of the consortium.

This is an exciting development for Leederville with the complex able to host and entertain almost 2,000 people at capacity. Future residents of our Loft Haus development, which is under construction and set for completion in just over 12 months, will get to enjoy call this modern new complex their ‘local’.

This is a brief summary of the article ‘Seedy Leedy puts families first’ by Kim MacDonald | The West Australian | Wednesday 2nd September.

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