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Local committee brings vibrancy to Scarborough Beach foreshore

March 3, 2019

It is an exciting time for Perth’s most iconic and favoured beach destination. Scarborough Beach Foreshore is currently undergoing its biggest transformation since 1912. With a $60m joint investment by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and the City of Stirling (COS) the area is being transformed into one of the nation’s best beachfront destinations and an idyllic place to live, visit, work, and play.

Scarborough has established their own local committee, The Scarborough Beach Association (The Collective), to further support the activation of the area. The Collective brings together local residents, community organisations, and businesses, who share a vision to develop Scarborough into a vibrant destination for everyone to enjoy.

The Collective is working collaboratively with the MRA and COS with an Action Plan to help bring the revitalisation program to the area, ensure the redevelopment work causes as little disruption as possible, and support the preservation of Scarborough’s history.

The Action Plan includes short, medium, and long term initiatives and events which draws local residents and tourists and increases utilisation including weekly sunset markets, pool yoga, NYE Fireworks, large scale events and festivals, a program for the heritage/historical recognition, international promotion of the area, unique artwork installations, pop up retail areas and so much more.

The SBA Action Plan aims to:

  • Establish a vision for Scarborough.
  • Identify principles to guide future actions.
  • Support worthwhile future efforts.
  • Create a vibrant and exciting lifestyle at our Beach.

To learn more about the Scarborough Beach Association’s initiatives, click here.

*Images courtesy of Scarborough Beach Markets Facebook

Or visit the SBA website:

Local Committee
Local Committee
Local Committee
Local Committee
Local Committee