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Construction industry showing signs of recovery

July 14, 2020

Employment in construction has risen 1.5% in WA since the COVID-19 trough in April with data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing there have been 1659 new jobs in the sector since the commencement of recovery.

Master Builders WA executive director John Gelavis said it was encouraging to see these green shoots for the industry, with WA having the most individual jobs return to the sector in Australia, as well as the new Federal and State Government stimulus’ actioned making a difference in property market activity.

“The employment data post-COVID is really encouraging, we’re cautiously optimistic this is the start of recovery for the economy in the building and construction industry,” said Mr Gelavis.

This is a brief summary of the article ‘Welcome signs of construction recovery’ by Peter de Kruijff? | The West Australian | Wednesday 1st July 2020.