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A typical day In Tuart Hill

March 14, 2017

With One54 Tuart tucked away on the tranquil Banksia Street in the upcoming suburb of Tuart Hill, an abundance of local amenities on its doorstep and just a short 13-minute drive to Perth’s CBD, young families alike can enjoy a jam-packed day in this elevated inner city suburb.


Time to wake up and feed the dog. With only a short time to spare before taking the kids to school, why don’t you head to Grenville Reserve – just 900m away – for a quick walk with your 4-legged family member. Want to change it up? You can keep your dog walks varied every day thanks to a number of parks to choose from.


Back at your family home at One54 Tuart, there’s plenty of time to get the kids ready for school, the dishes washed and the washing on (whilst enjoying a warm cup of English breakfast) without having to stress about being late as school is just around the corner.


It’s only a short walk to school for the kids, with Tuart Hill Primary School – only 230m down the road and St Kieran Catholic Primary School – only 1.9km away. You can also drop the little ones off at Mulberry Tree Childcare afterwards – only 400m away from your family home. With two colleges to choose between, both 600-700m away, you can send your older ones off on their own to Tuart College or Servite College.


Phew! Now that you’ve dropped the children off at school, it’s time to hang up the washing before getting to focus on ‘you’. Grab your gym bag and head off to Jetts gym for your morning workout, or for a tamer start to the day, enjoy an easy stroll around the leafy neighbourhood to start the day on a good note.


With your exercise complete, a stop off at Raymond’s Café (just 300 metres from your front door) is an ideal way to get one of the area’s best-known caffeine fixes. Why not reward yourself for a good workout by treating yourself to a spot of breakfast as well, you can even bring the dog! With vegetarian, gluten free and healthy options on the menu, you won’t be undoing all your hard work in the gym.


After an enjoyable and leisurely breakfast, it’s only a short walk back home to walk off your delicious smashed avocado and scrambled eggs on toast – it’s time to get started on some errands!


Don’t waste your entire weekend with household chores – get them out of the way whilst you have a bit of peace and quiet from the kids. Get the ironing done and the cleaning out of the way before sitting down in your quaint courtyard garden with a quick bite to eat whilst reading the newspaper.


After you’ve enjoyed a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation, there’s just enough time to jump in the car and head off to Dog Swamp Shopping Centre – only a 3-minute drive from your front door – time to do the weekly food shop at Woolworths. Or perhaps give Coles a go this week as they’ve got some great deals on for the kids.


It’s time to pick up the kids, so leave the car keys at home and put on your sneakers as it’s just a short stroll away and another excuse for some daily exercise in the inviting leafy neighbourhood of Tuart Hill. The car keys will be safe at home thanks to the fully automated alarm system, which comes standard with each of the town houses.


With the children home from school and out of their uniforms, time to jump in the car with them and your furry friend for a walk at Yokine Reserve – just 3km down the road. Enjoy the late afternoon Autumn sun, kick around the football and play in the park to end off the day in Perth’s great outdoors.


With the kids and dog hurtling around and spending all their spare energy, drop into Oh My Cod on your way home and treat the family to take-a-way fish and chips before heading back to your charming 3-bedroom townhouse to enjoy a family night in.


After the day’s homework is all done in your townhome’s dedicated study nook, it’s time for the kids to head to bed for a good sleep ahead of tomorrow. This gives you the perfect chance to snuggle up on the couch with your hubby to enjoy a few episodes of that new Netflix series you’ve been meaning to check out – and thanks to your fully operational NBN services, streaming will be a breeze.


After a bit of a couch TV binge, it’s time to head upstairs for a quick shower in your brand-new bathroom before retiring to the master bedroom to finish off the novel you’ve been reading.


The kids are asleep, the dog has been fed and is snuggled up downstairs and it’s time for lights out – it’s been another fantastic day at One54 Tuart.


Whether you’re after fitness facilities, schools, shopping centers, restaurants or cafes, you’ll be hard pushed for a reason to venture out of this delightful suburb with the vast selection of local amenities available right on your doorstep.

It’s no wonder that more and more young families are gravitating towards the attractive neighbourhood of Tuart Hill, with One54 Tuart offering intimate and homely townhouses in a lively community just north of Perth’s city center.

With a strong sense of community in an ideal location, One54 Tuart has it all.