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WA Projects set to bring in Billions

August 19, 2019

WA’s economy is looking promising with over 50 new projects set to bring in billions, with WA looking at a potential $165 billion dollar windfall in foreseeable future resource projects alone.

Smaller projects which have also been implemented with billions of dollars are also nearing the go ahead which will provide much needed activity within WA. Mark McGowen, The Premier has stated “Western Australia is now on the cusp of huge job creating investment” which shows the importance of these projects for McGowen State Government which has promised to create over 150,000 jobs in the next 5 years.

Resources Expert and Deloitte Partner, Nicki Ivory has also pulled attention to the fact that “people do invest on the basis that the fact that there’s a known stable regulatory fiscal landscape. We are still so much better than so many other jurisdictions that people could invest in”. Making it apparent that the pipeline investment was driving an economic recovery from the lows which followed the mining boom.

More jobs, rising economy and more opportunity. WA is the place to be.

This is a summary of the article Projects bring in Billions published in The West | News | Written by Nick Buttery & Sean Smith | July 28, 2019.