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The evolving “Great Aussie Dream”

October 14, 2019

The “Great Aussie Dream” is alive and well but it is no longer just about securing the big 4 x 2 house on a large block of land.

A recent survey suggests that potential home owners are equally keen on securing an apartment or townhouse in an inner-city location as they are about buying a large home in the suburbs.

The survey also highlights that although owning a home is still the number 1 property across all generations, it is a much lower priority for Generations Y and Z than it is for Gen X’s and Baby Boomers.

“The idea of home ownership is being challenged by a new generation with different values and expectations, but it is still number one”Said Bernard Salt, Demographer.

With interest rates being lower than they have ever been and property price extremely affordable, now is the best time for potential buyers to take the leap and invest in their property dream.

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This is a snapshot of the article ‘The Great Aussie Dream alive and well’ by Kim Macdonald published in The West Australian |Pages 8-9| Monday 16 September 2019.