Construction Kick Off at Loft Haus

August 26, 2020

The Griffin Team are excited to share that our builders @ABN Group have officially started construction on our Leederville development, … Continue reading "Construction Kick Off at Loft Haus"
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‘Walk Thru Floor Plan’ Event

August 4, 2020

Last Friday, Griffin Projects Group hosted an exclusive ‘Walk Thru Floor Plans’ event to showcase real size floor plans of our upcoming … Continue reading "‘Walk Thru Floor Plan’ Event"
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$245 million to kickstart CBD

July 16, 2020

COVID-19 is continuing to wreak havoc across the world but the City of Perth staff have proposed a $245 million-dollar … Continue reading "$245 million to kickstart CBD"
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Construction industry showing signs of recovery

July 14, 2020

Employment in construction has risen 1.5% in WA since the COVID-19 trough in April with data from the Australian Bureau … Continue reading "Construction industry showing signs of recovery"
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Large infrastructure set to supercharge WA’s economic recovery

July 13, 2020

WA’s economic recovery from COVID-19 will be supercharged by executing a list of large construction projects that will create more … Continue reading "Large infrastructure set to supercharge WA’s economic recovery"
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Australia set to cash in on Brazil iron ore mine closure

June 12, 2020

Australia’s big iron ore miners are set to benefit immensely on surging iron ore prices as Brazil’s Vale mine is … Continue reading "Australia set to cash in on Brazil iron ore mine closure"
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$2.4 billion set for infrastructure projects

May 11, 2020

The State Government is fast tracking tenders for $2.4 billion to kickstart multiple transport infrastructure projects guaranteeing small and medium … Continue reading "$2.4 billion set for infrastructure projects"
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