International Women’s Day

March 9, 2020

Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day. Griffin Projects Group is #proud to have a strong team of women driving our … Continue reading "International Women’s Day"
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Perth’s housing market jumps into 2020 with positive growth

January 8, 2020

Perth’s housing market has kicked off positively with home values set to rise by 6% this year according to predictions from … Continue reading "Perth’s housing market jumps into 2020 with positive growth"
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Perth the City of Blue Skies

November 25, 2019

Great video by the City of Perth showcasing the great lifestyle, pristine natural beauty and power house economy that is … Continue reading "Perth the City of Blue Skies"
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Retail is on the rise for WA

November 7, 2019

WA’s retail industry has officially had its strongest quarter of growth in over 6 years thanks to families fleeing to … Continue reading "Retail is on the rise for WA"
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