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Property prices boom in Melbourne and Sydney

November 8, 2019

Developers have been pushed to start bidding for housing project sites again as property prices have increased by a drastic 20% in Melbourne and Sydney. In just 31 days Melbourne’s house prices grew 2.3% which has been the fastest rise in 10 years.

With unit prices on track to increase at 20% for Melbourne annually and 16.8% for Sydney, real-estate agents have been made aware of the pick-up in demand from developers.

“We expect dwelling prices to continue to lift from here” said senior economist, Kristina Clifton – “Yesterdays building approvals data showed approvals are now running at or below underlying demand. An undersupply of dwellings would also add to upward pressure on dwelling prices”

It is estimated that the residential construction sector could potentially fall out earlier than expected with developers foreseeing the future of housing supply by bidding on sites for new apartment and housing projects. Due to this vendors of key developments have been confident enough to bring their projects to the market as developers were making progressively competitive bids.

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This is a summary of the article House prices surge sparks rush to build by Ingrid Fuary-Wagner and Matthew Cranston | The Australian Financial Review | November 1st, 2019.