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November 6, 2020

With urban sprawl stretching 150km up and down the coast, Perth has the unofficial title of being the longest city in the world. For so long now we have been spreading out further and further away from the city; finally, we are starting to grow up and create density closer to the CBD in the form of apartment living.

Apartment living is continuing to gain popularity in Perth with more and more people choosing apartments in suburbs closer to the city and established amenities. Here are 5 key reasons why you should consider living in an apartment:

  • Convenience – Apartments are often built in areas with access to shopping, restaurants and entertainment.
  • Lifestyle – There is a huge range of apartments available in established areas close to the city offering fantastic lifestyle and entertainment choices.
  • Save Money – Household bills are generally lower for apartments along with maintenance costs which are shared by everyone in the complex. Public transport links are also likely to be good.
  • Save Time – Less time is spent on gardening and cleaning.
  • Security – Higher-density living can offer the comfort of close neighbours and secure off-street parking.

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