Green-focused development

Loft Haus is an innovative, green-focused development that has been cleverly designed to maximise energy efficiency and deliver positive environmental outcomes.

By utilising clean technology infrastructure to harness natural resources, Loft Haus offers reduced electricity costs for residents and a lower carbon footprint with an estimated emissions reduction of 102 tonnes per annum.

As for the building itself, other design features include double glazed windows providing thermal and acoustic benefits, as well as the building is designed to take advantage of cross ventilation pathways to provide good airflow throughout each apartment.

Sustainable design features

Sustainability plays a central role in the overall design of Loft Haus, creating ongoing benefits for residents and the environment alike.


Solar panels

Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) rooftop panels will be installed to generate clean energy power for consumption by residents and common services.

This unique infrastructure designed for boutique developments, will give residents access to renewable energy at discounted daily supply rates.


Central hot water system via Air Source Heat Pump

Loft Haus will have the latest centralised heat pump hot water technology installed.

Each apartment accesses the centralised system which is consistently heated to a predetermined temperature, reducing the energy demand to produce hot water.


Central Battery Electrical Storage

A central Lithium Battery Storage system will be installed to capture and store the excess renewable energy generated by the PV solar panels during the day.

This will provide power at a reduced rate to residents during peak times in the evenings.


Smart Meters

The integration of smart meters allows for up to date remote monitoring and tracking of electricity and hot water consumption by residents and strata management.


Infrastructure Integration

GENiUX Energy own and operate the infrastructure systems relieving residents and strata management of maintenance and replacement costs.

A GENiUX support line will be provided for any service and billing enquiries, providing residents a high level of service.


Electric Vehicle Charger

To support the progressive move to electric vehicles a metered vehicle charging station will be installed in the development for the convenience of residents.

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