We are days away from the most anticipated event of the year with WA’s borders opening to the rest of the country.

From midnight tomorrow, Saturday 14th November, WA will be the only State that will have the most relaxed borders for those wanting to travel from Australia’s biggest hotspot of Corona Virus, Victoria and NSW.

Under WA’s new “controlled border”, those arriving from Victoria and NSW are required to register their details, undergo a temperature check and health screening, be swabbed if asked, self-quarantine for 14 days and be tested on the 11th day. This is vastly different to other states which still require permits to travel and enter their states.

Throughout the pandemic WA has rejected the national COVID hotspot which focused on limiting travel from postcodes that were rife with Covid-19 cases and instead just kept our borders completely closed. Health Minister Roger Cook commented, WA had “always gone it alone” but said we are now ready to dump the interstate travel exemption system and replace it with a nationwide health-based threshold instead.

“The new border regime is still subject to the latest health advice, so closer to the time if it’s not safe to transition then sadly we won’t do it as we won’t take any unnecessary risks,” said Health Minister Roger Cook.

This is a brief summary of the article ‘You’re welcome – WA to become easiest State for Vics to visit’ | The West Australian | Monday 2nd November 2020.