Upgrades to Perth Airport are moving ahead, with hopes the facility will become a hub for flights from Asia.

Terminal One at the International Airport will be expanded into a new Y-shaped extension, to handle additional passengers from Japan and China.

The domestic terminal will be moved from 1.5km away into the same building to make transfers easier.

Under the plans, surrounding bushland will become a second runway and allow Perth to welcome twice as many planes.

The expansion plans are expected to take until 2027 to finish.

This week the Premier and Tourism Minister went with Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown to China and Japan to try and negotiate direct flights into Perth.

“With that direct route comes stimulation. So, the market will grow even further by 40 or 50 percent just because it's easier for people to travel a direct route,” Mr Brown said.

“We’re a natural location as a hub. Why shouldn’t we be a secondary gateway into Australia?”


Article originally published on November 17, 2017