On the 29 March, the Invest in Australia Property Seminar was launched in Beijing, China. Initiated by Perth based Youth Business Association Inc, this Western Australian property themed seminar received endorsement by the China Real Estate Association (CREA).

With the focus on the property industry in Western Australia, particularly the Greater Perth Area, the seminar aims to build partnerships between WA property and China enterprises, thus promoting prime property projects and investment opportunities.

As a warm up for the upcoming China-Australia Property Projects Summit in July 2016, this boutique style seminar received much interest from CREA and the participating leading development and investment enterprises of China.

Feng Jun, the Vice President & Secretary General of CREA and Yang Weijiang, Deputy Secretary General of CREA, emphasised the policy support and guidance CREA will bring to Chinese enterprises who are looking at overseas investment and co-operation. Awareness of Western Australian profiles including economy, investment environment, taxation policy, property industry forecast and investment safety were showcased during the presentations.

CERA invited Chinese enterprises who showed high interest in WA industry representatives sharing their current prime and completed projects to enhance the understanding of the property market.

Western Australian property industry representatives include Luc Lu – GM of Heritage Realty and representative of Australian Youth Business Association Inc, Greg Devine – Managing Director of Griffin Projects Group, Sam Franchina – Managing Director of Crown Constructing and Clement Liao – Director of Crown Constructing.  Chinese enterprise representatives include Dr. Kelly Wang – Overseas Division Director of Strategy of Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd, Zhao Nan – Deputy GM of China Railway Construction Corporation Overseas Division, Wang Xiao – Assistant to GM of ABP Group, William Xu – Senior VP of Henry Group, James Fu – V. President of ASF Group, the CREA Small Towns Development Committee Deputy SG Tian Ye also accompanied the seminar along with in total 24 representatives from China and Western Australia.

Originally published on March 29, 2016 in the WA Oriental post and the following web portals in China.